My Vision is, that you even do not need an Interface to your software. The software should anticipate your needs and act accordingly without you giving orders, commands or actions. In a perfect world, you would not even need to realize, that there is a software running in the background. The world runs without you interacting with it. This would be the perfect fit AI model. A progressiv, positive Super AI.

A bit weaker vision is, that you do not have an input but only an output interface. The software anticipates all user input, and gives information to the user so he can trigger actions based on the information. The weak point here:

Why does the software give output to the user anyway? Because it is a human behaviour?

Why does the user need to trigger actions, when the software anticipates what the user wants? These actions are milestone decision points, where a human judgement is necessary.

Isnt a AI judgement better? Yes. Thats why this is the weaker option.

Building new VUI services are even weaker. Everything relies on the user input, which need be be anticipated very well. As well as this the output needs to be also very well anticipated. This is the hard conceptual work. For the input, I use Voice. For the output I use Voice as well as television. So the user does not interact with the output any more. the user can give new commands related to the output, but this would only change the output again. But building this service allows you to build modules for the anticipation of user actions, which lead to the weak vision.

Running an existing service is the backbone of every business. Changing the technology stack of your service from GUI to VUI has the potential for higher customer satisfaction and customer binding by implementing new ways of interactions between user and machine.

But even only enhancing your service by VUI elements, can become a driver for your app.


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