Voice UI

Voice UI (VUI) or Conversational UI (CUI) are concepts for simple interactions with a computer. They are very well suited for a lot of kinds of actions and interactions, but not for all of them. Requesting the weather report, filling out a formular or requesting indicators are very well suitable. Working with large data sets, displaying a graphic or showing pictures are not very well suited. For for things like that, there are more elegant solutions with my Voice2TV.

Please find some Amazon Alexa Skills, created in my spare time.

Wickeltasche für den Ausflug mit dem Baby

Checkliste für Koffer und Reisetasche


Mit Tierlachen den Umgang mit Haustieren lernen (siehe auch http://www.mypetsdiary.de)

petsmile – teaches pet owner obligations (see http://www.mypetsdiary.com)

Coming soon – MyStrom32 (Direct2TV)